Monday, August 3, 2009

F30 风味海鲜餐馆 (F30 seafood restaurant) Gohtong Jaya.

My family feel bored to Bentong restaurant so we went to Gohtong Jaya because my dad got a big fish from his friend. The restaurant is at the corner side and very easy to find. The following photo is the starter. Free tasting from Mr Sotong.

奶油虾。The prawn are fresh and fragrant. The chef cooked the prawn with eggs and also raw milk. I am not sure whether the chef cooked with butter or not but it is really fragrant.
清蒸白鲳 The fish is really big and it costs more than hundred ringgit. The meat is so smooth. The sauce of the steamed fish is normal.
炒茄子 Wow I like this. The brinjaul are bit crispy outside and soft inside.
星光豆腐 The sauce goes well with rice. Tauhu is quite normal and can be found in a lot of restaurant.
爆花肉 My family always order this because it is crunchy and delicious..heehee.

油浸田七菜 we seldom eat this kind of vege in this method. I am surprise it is actually quite nice and it helps in prevent constipation LOL

Overall those dishes are okay. The price is RM92 something but maybe the boss knows my dad so I am not sure whether she discounted for us or what. Worth a try in this restaurant after your genting trip or you passby Gohtong Jaya ^_^