Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lioz in Village Mall Sungai Petani (moved to Central Square)

I suppose to share with all of you in last year if last year I own a blog. I keep these photos for a year and yesterday I saw it so I decided to bring it up and share. Lioz in Village Mall offered set in chinese and western style daily. Their set is totally worth for the price and my friend and I try to go to Central Square to find this restaurant but we found that the menu and prices are totally changed and there is no more set in western style offering. That's why we saw no people in this restaurant in Central Square and customers prefer Master Choo.

My friend and I ordered the same set that cost RM19.90. The set including soup of the day, chicken chop with different sauces that can be chosen by you, a drink and dessert. For the drink, there will be 2 different type of drinks for you to choose everyday. The drinks are named by horoscope. So cute~~

Soup of the day

The chicken chop chosen by me following my friend's chicken chop with different sause. Looks delicious right? Spagetthi and vege is serving with the chop too.

This is the dessert, ice-cream~~~ well decorated
My horoscope drink vinegar mixed with honey if I am not mistaken. A fresh and good combination.
The following drink belongs to my friend. It came with blue mixed with green colour when it was serving...However, I am not sure how it taste like... The next is the spagetthi ordered but another friend. Portion is small... taste was nothing to shout about.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

G.Tiang Restaurant in Bedong (Sungai Petani) and pasar malam

Today just finished I asked Serene whether she wants to go out for food or not...then she agreed. She used her super red Kancil fetched me, Joen, PuiShie and Youming to G.Tiang in Bedong. The Ho Jiak recommended this restaurant we decided to have a try lor~~ The ambience..The Indian lady has a small stall inside the restaurant selling Indian food too...There is the drinks corner....Then I walk around and to the food corner to order food with Serene and Joen.. see the photo above? for the grill and steam purposes..I also saw frogs~~wow...
These are stingray and other fishes..
This is the smoked stingray...RM 12.00. The taste? Not bad lar..but I had tried better version in other places...
This is the 'Duo Pan' recommended by Ho Jiak...The width of the mee is quite big in size...served with tomatoes, fish and egg...this is the first time I try it...Now I know what duo pan looks like...RM8.00 for medium size
This is the fried tauhu...cripsy and yummy with the sauce they provided.RM2.00 for cheap
Fried rice. Serene said this is nice..but I think this is so so only lar...RM3.00
RM10.00 for the steamed stingray. The sauce very nice with it...a bit sour with the asam...I think this will run well with the rice
Sauces they provided to serve with the food...
RM0.80 for barley ais and RM1.20 for teh ais This is the 'kam kat ais I think...usually mum will make this drink when we get flu .

What a nice day to out with them..:P . When we get into the car, we saw PASAR MALAM~~ wow..faster have a look because I have a long time didnt go pasar malam dy...

we saw fruits...those fruits are cheap lar....walk further...
Suddenly someone call me.." Ah Moi..Tangkap gambar abanglah! " walao...that person asked me to take his photo...he thought I am a reporter meh? I take for fun only la Abang~~=.=''
Kaya Ball wor...I never try this but I am too full to eat them so I didnt buy...
Looks so yummy delicious hor...
Shoes?? cannot be eaten one take for fun...Pinky stall?? selling all kind of dried and fresh fruits
Next is the Bubble Tea...So many flavours~~~so many to choose???
Let's see closer...
Opposite the Bubble tea stall is the ice-cream cute... Uncle in the ice-cream car ...his back is facing us lar~~~He is taking ice-cream for customers...
Choices of Ice-cream...Phew...finally finish uploading...I am so tired..going to sleep now..Nitez~~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine to everyone~~~

Valentine treasures are people who
have often crossed your mind,
family, friends and others, too,
who in your life have shined
the warmth of love or a spark of light
that makes you remember them;
no matter how long since you’ve actually met,
each one is a luminous gem
who gleams and glows in your memory,
bringing special pleasures,
and that’s why this Valentine comes to you:
You’re one of those sparkling treasures!

( by Joanna Fuchs )

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Zhong Wan Master Choo Kitchen Sungai Petani (central square)

Valentine day is coming...Su Hean, Joen, Melissa and me decided to go out to shop. We went to Central Square and had our lunch in Master Choo. A lot of dimsum serving there but we didnt order any dimsum.
Su Hean ordered francis fried rice. He said that the fried rice there is nice but he prefers Joen's order. RM5.30
This is the one ordered by Joen. Prawn fried rice with XO sauce. sweet and sour in taste and Joen asked for small chilies for few times to eat with the funny RM5.30
Melissa ordered tomyam vegetable tauhu mee for RM4.80. I asked her how it taste and she said not bad wor. She is a person that has less facial expression so I also dunno how good is the tomyam.
My order. Japanese Spicy Za Jiang Noodle for RM5.30. sweet and salty ...erm, not bad. The mee is very Q so I think they made the mee themselves.
For drinks, Melissa and me ordered cold Master Choo's "yin yong" for RM 2.80 each. Su Hean had cold Milo for RM2.80 also. I quite enjoy my yin yong. Hahaha...
Healthy drink for Joen. Longan Herbal Jelly.龙眼龟苓膏。The jelly is quite bitter but it is good for health ma, worth for the bitter taste lor. RM3.50