Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tung Jing Dim Sum restaurant @ Taman Midah, KL

Went to TungJing dum sum restaurant with parents before back to Kedah. Mum told me that dimsum there is better than those fridged-serving dimsum ( means end products dimsum from factory) haha...they are homemade. Variety of dimsum there and it opens until 4pm noon. It is located at Taman Midah. The restaurant is opposite the McD and XiaoEn(孝恩) in Cheras.

I guess the owner is a Christian because there is a corner sharing all the christianity books.

Here are some dimsum I had with family. Xiu Mai definitely are my favourite. Most of the dimsum are average la.

Beef meatball is nice. Shud order when you are here.
Fried carrot cake very nice! So fragrant!
Wu Kok. Erm, my favourite too. But the filling here is mushroom sauce. I prefer the filling of cha siew pau fill in the Wu Kok. Will be nicer. However, the skin is so so so crispy.

Chai Kueh in Hokkien? I dunno Hokkien and I am learning. LOL A must order!!! Tomyam Mee with dumpling! The tomyam so match with the mee. I saw a couple there only have their tomyam mee as breakfast then leave. Those dumpling are smooth and meaty too! This kind of tomyam soup is my 1st try! Good Job.

Mango Pudding.
The total bill us about RM47 sth. reasonable?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chinese Glutinous Rice Dumpling/ Ham Yok Zhong/ Bak Chang

To welcome the Chinese Dumpling Festival ( Duan Wu Festival) 端午节, I just post up the Chinese Dumpling I had this year. Actually every year I also ate the dumpling that made by my mum, LOL. The dumplings consist of fat pork, mung beans, chinese mushroom, etc. This year mum did not use many ingredients. It was simple yet delicious. I went home few days ago and have the chance to try the dumpling.

Personally, I think fat porks play an important role in making the dumpling more delicious. The soft fat porks melted with the glutinous rice in the mouth and it makes the dumpling fragrant!! Sry photos is not nicely present as I cant wait to have my dumpling that time so the fork still beside it. Paise... Lastly Happy Duan Wu Festival! 端午节快乐!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

LeBoss Restaurant @ Sungai Petani

This restaurant was reviewed by J2Km and Makan King and Queen before. It is located in Lagenda Height and is running by Malay. They sell western food and the portion is big. For Sungai Petani area, this restaurant won the heart of students as the price is affordable and big portion. Food are normal but can say better than other western restaurant in SP.
My friends and I also ordered grill chicken chop for RM14.90. You can choose your 2 side dishes in the menu. Our side dishes are potato wedges and spaghetti. we chose black pepper as our sauce. Actually there are alot of sauces for the chop just that accidentally my friend chose the same flavour with me. Very full after eating that.

Chicken chop with different side dishes. Potato salad and spaghetti.

Serene ordered this. Sandwich chicken. Not was bitter in taste because of the vegetables inside. RM7-8 I think.

Bolognase chicken spaghetti. Same as homemade one. I think I can cook this too...came with a bowl of salad. Sorry I forgot the price. But is above RM10 and below RM14.

Lastly, teh-tarik almond. Sound fresh? Ya the taste not bad also...worth a try!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

开心小食店 @ Bentong

开心小食店(Happy restaurant) is located beside MeiHiong restaurant. It is near to Khai Mun Pagi Primary School. It opens at nite and you will be surprise that they do not serve rice. You can only order Mee here.
The first dish is 星洲米, when you come here, you have to order this as it is so tasty because it fried till fragrant, enough what we call "wok hei" in cantonese. They fried this with chinese sausages, eggs, beansprouts and also meats. Simple yet delicious.
This is the 姜葱田鸡. The frog meats are so tasty and fresh. With the ginger, it eliminates those unwanted taste of the frog meats. Frog meats is easier to chew compare to chicken and it is smooth!
宫葆猪肠仔。This is the special dish here and actually I first time try those pig intestine here. It was tender and refreshing. Do not worry, you wont taste the piggy smell in this dish.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Autumn Cafe @ Sungai Petani

Went to Autumn Cafe with roomates. Autumn cafe is located just beside ah Nan frog porridge restaurant. This place is near Village mall, same row with Old Town. They are offering set lunch and set dinner range from RM13.90-20+++ . chicken chop and fish chop set is below RM20.

Ya, PS can be found here. Play cards and games so you can enjoy fully here after your meal.

All of us ordered set meal. The set including a drink, soup, main course and a scoop of Haagen daz ice-cream as dessert. Mushroom soup is not creamy enough. The photos after the soup is set D if not mistaken. Chicken chop served with french fries, salad and potatoes salad. The first photo showing black pepper sauce and second served with mushroom sauce.

The chicken chop is nothing to shout about. Normal.

Here comes the set A. fried chicken with cheese and ham as filling. Served with tartar sauce.This is the best set to order I think. It also comes with spaghetti. RM14.90 if not mistaken?

My order, set C. The fish chop is too fishy I do not like it personally. also served with tartar sauce.

Lastly, the most satisfying food -ICE-CREAM from haagen daz. You can choose the favour you want. From my view, the sets is cheap together with ice-cream, soup and drinks. But you can notice all of them are fried food and it is a bit heaty oily. Easy to feel satiety.
We also ordered extra food exclude from the set. Potato wedges. Definitely oily again. We regret to order this as those set made us to feel satiety.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ban Chang Kueh (Chinese Pancake) 曼煎糕

My roomate called and asked anyone of our roomates need Ban Chang Kueh as supper or not. I feel sleepy at that time when she called back and she asked me : Do you want ban chang kueh?
Me : Wat is Ban Chang Kueh?
Roomate : Er....Apom
Me: Ah Gong? dunwan la thanks. ( Sry I am really blur at tht time)
After my remaining roomates that stay in my room explained to me , I realise it is 'Jian Long Pau', that is what I call it usually. Haha... funny, now I know it is actually call ban chang kueh dy.
Ban Chang Kueh also sometimes refer as Apom Balik.

She bought peanuts and corns as filling to me, chicken floss as filling to other roomate.Chicken floss as filling. These ban chang kueh are more crispy in version. There is another thicker version but I prefer crispy one.
This is corns and peanuts as filling Ban Chang Kueh. According to my roomate, you can choose the filling u want, ham, corns, chicken floss etc.

As my roomate bought these near central square at sungai petani, when I eat it, it already became abit soggy, so cant really make an actual review on it. Anyways, thanks to my roomate as we as aimst students really desperate for outside food. LOL

Friday, May 1, 2009

Eternal Zone BBQ Steamboat buffet @ Sungai Petani

After our sport day, my classmates went to celebrate Melissa's birthday in Eternal Zone, Sungai Petani. It was a BBQ steamboat buffet, food are average, but I found happiness and warmness of my classmates after the sports. My batch lose almost every games, but we never lose the spirit! I am so proud to be a part of my class. Eternal Zone is a nice place to have party with friends. They also have a karaoke room there. RM18.90 for the BBQ and steamboat buffet, extra charge for the karaoke. ^-^
Drinks and eats as much as you can!
This is the steamboat. Tomyam soup base is nice! You can take the food you wan to BBQ or steamboat.

Butter for BBQ~
My lovely classmates~~ahhaha...Red team.