Sunday, January 15, 2012

Macarons Petit Suche Fine Desserts from KLCC

Petit suche Fine Dessert ,located at the sweet corner in ISetan KLCC,a place where you can find variety of dessert but what caught my eyes is those colorful macarons.I have been craving for macarons because i have not been eating it for ages.Let's get into the topic,i bought 10 macarons .They are raspberry,chocolates,jasmine,green tea(macha),blueberry,coffee machiato,hazelnut praline,pistache,fruits and passion and lastly mandarine orange corresponding to coming chinese new year^^.
From top to bottom left -Coffee machiato(3,richness of coffee inside your mouth) Jasmine(4,nice and sweet aroma of jasmine) Hazelnut Praline(2,cant really taste the flavor) Pistache(2,is this how pistache should taste like?I personally prefer the one from French Kisses Patisserie) From top to bottom right-Fruit and passion(3,taste of passion fruit which is quite unique) Green tea(2,normal) mandarine orange(3,quite special for a french dessert with chinese new year theme,feel abit "chinessy") chocolate(4,full flavor of different types of chocolates) blueberry(4,the sweetness of blueberry dancing on your palate) You might ask where is the raspberry,lol it has been eaten by my dad before I can get it to be reviewed.I will rate it from 1 to 5.
The inside of chocolates The price for these macarons are quite reasonable. For 1 to 5 macarons(RM 3.60) For 6 to 9 macarons(RM 3.30) For 10 and above(RM 3.00) Just try them peeps and share your review with me^^

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice Festival ~Im back

Hello today is 'tang yuan' festival, Hav all of u eaten ur tang yuan? Yea Im back, and time passes so fast, Im in my final year now, exams is around the corner, will come back more often after my exams and share some delicious food.

Monday, August 3, 2009

F30 风味海鲜餐馆 (F30 seafood restaurant) Gohtong Jaya.

My family feel bored to Bentong restaurant so we went to Gohtong Jaya because my dad got a big fish from his friend. The restaurant is at the corner side and very easy to find. The following photo is the starter. Free tasting from Mr Sotong.

奶油虾。The prawn are fresh and fragrant. The chef cooked the prawn with eggs and also raw milk. I am not sure whether the chef cooked with butter or not but it is really fragrant.
清蒸白鲳 The fish is really big and it costs more than hundred ringgit. The meat is so smooth. The sauce of the steamed fish is normal.
炒茄子 Wow I like this. The brinjaul are bit crispy outside and soft inside.
星光豆腐 The sauce goes well with rice. Tauhu is quite normal and can be found in a lot of restaurant.
爆花肉 My family always order this because it is crunchy and delicious..heehee.

油浸田七菜 we seldom eat this kind of vege in this method. I am surprise it is actually quite nice and it helps in prevent constipation LOL

Overall those dishes are okay. The price is RM92 something but maybe the boss knows my dad so I am not sure whether she discounted for us or what. Worth a try in this restaurant after your genting trip or you passby Gohtong Jaya ^_^

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chili's Grill & Bar @ 1 Utama (revisit)

Ya, revisit to Chilis again, my favourite restaurant. This time Tze Choong and I met a very friendly staff who is not a Malaysian. He smiled and concerned in our needs. Both of us ordered 2 dishes that is Mushroom Combo Fajitas at around RM38 excluding tax and also the starter Triple Play at RM24.95.
The starter triple play came with southwestern eggrolls, wings over buffalo, and chicken crispers with 3 type of dipping sauces. Personally I like the chicken crispers. The eggrolls were not bad. Ohya, add some spices that is available on your table make the food more fragrant. Do try it! The wings over buffalo are sour in taste because of vinegar they added if I am not mistaken. Well, I am abit surprise that the wings are sour and abit cannot accept the super sour taste of the wings but later I realise that they are actually good appetizer.
Then came the mushroom combo fajitas ( Chicken + beef) with thick and viscous cheese. My first time trying this. See? plentiful of mushroom covering the meats. Wrap the fajitas with the ingredients they provided.

Fajitas dressing~~

Skin that used to wrap the fajitas. You can ask for more for this because the waiter told us it is FREE~~~

We did not order any drinks and they served us cold plain water. Overall, the service is good, food are good, definitely will come back again and try for other dishes ^_^

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I passed !!!

I am officially a third year dental students! Omg...unbelievable! I passed all the 14 subjects in second year which including oral anatomy, oral biochemistry, conservative dentistry, prosthetics, dental biomaterials, periodontology, pathology, oral microbiology, general microbiology, pharmacology, social and behaviors, communication skills, dental therapeutics and OSCA ! Looks like I am dreaming and I still cant believe that I did it. Holidays ~~HOoray, I am going to enjoy it and more food blogs will be uploaded ! Yeah~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Restoran Ban Lee ( Bak Kut Teh), KL

I finished all my theory papers so far. Still have a practical paper to go next week to finish my exams. So I just make a simple post. When I went home last time, after my dad fetched me in Pudu, we went to the restoran Ban Lee to try bak kut teh near pudu. I saw their board that writing 不垮第一,乃属一流, so I just have a try to see how good their bak kut teh is. Taste not bad just that the soup is light, not so much herbs they use? make it more acceptable for the eldest? but I prefer thicker soup based.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Short break for final exams!

Final exams is coming and I have to stop blogging till end of July only I'll be back. Dentistry and Medicine courses are not in semester based so once cannot pass in final means have to repeat the whole year ! Good luck to me and all of my coursemates !