Sunday, January 15, 2012

Macarons Petit Suche Fine Desserts from KLCC

Petit suche Fine Dessert ,located at the sweet corner in ISetan KLCC,a place where you can find variety of dessert but what caught my eyes is those colorful macarons.I have been craving for macarons because i have not been eating it for ages.Let's get into the topic,i bought 10 macarons .They are raspberry,chocolates,jasmine,green tea(macha),blueberry,coffee machiato,hazelnut praline,pistache,fruits and passion and lastly mandarine orange corresponding to coming chinese new year^^.
From top to bottom left -Coffee machiato(3,richness of coffee inside your mouth) Jasmine(4,nice and sweet aroma of jasmine) Hazelnut Praline(2,cant really taste the flavor) Pistache(2,is this how pistache should taste like?I personally prefer the one from French Kisses Patisserie) From top to bottom right-Fruit and passion(3,taste of passion fruit which is quite unique) Green tea(2,normal) mandarine orange(3,quite special for a french dessert with chinese new year theme,feel abit "chinessy") chocolate(4,full flavor of different types of chocolates) blueberry(4,the sweetness of blueberry dancing on your palate) You might ask where is the raspberry,lol it has been eaten by my dad before I can get it to be reviewed.I will rate it from 1 to 5.
The inside of chocolates The price for these macarons are quite reasonable. For 1 to 5 macarons(RM 3.60) For 6 to 9 macarons(RM 3.30) For 10 and above(RM 3.00) Just try them peeps and share your review with me^^