Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nur Tomyam Mamak Stall Bentong

went to Nur tomyam last night. I never been there before but my sis told me that the roti canai there quite nice so we just go there for tea lor...papa n mummy, bro, steven n tze choong also went together. It is located near Yusoh Eye Surgeon Clinic and Bentong Point.I ordered burger chicken. But was a oily...RM2.50My sis ordered roti canai. If you say you want garing roti canai, the roti will serve with cripsy in version. RM0.80Next is tosai...mum said the sauce not that nice for that particular day larr..RM1.00 if not mistaken.Steven tried their tomyam...not that nice also..=.='' .He said dapur kita tomyam is better among Malays mamak stall.
We also ordered 10 chicken satays and 10 beef satays for RM10.00
Next is the chicken chop RM11.00. look like fried chicken...=.='' taste ==> =.='' okay okay for mamak stall lor
Fish and Chips...also okay okay for mamak stall level RM11.00

Tomyam at Ulu Perting Bentong

For lunch, I went for tomyam with mum and sis. We ordered herbal tea for RM 0.70 each.

We also ordered fried sotong...served with mayonise sauce. ERmm....this dish moderate only lor
This is the fried seafood rice....mummy said not bad wor~~ RM4.00
Then came my favourite tomyam... I like the afternoon version tomyam, at night there will be another chef serving thai dishes. The tomyam was spicy and sour enough...yeah yeah~~ RM 8.00 for medium size tomyam

we chose mee hun for our tomyam~~I forgot to ask the price of the mee

For afternoon session only :
small size tomyam - RM6.00
medium size tomyam - RM8.00
large size tomyam - RM10.00

Friday, January 30, 2009

Bentong Restaurant 2

The fifth day of CNY, uncle and aunty together with cousins came to Bentong to visit relatives. So my eldest uncle who is a Bentong kia treated them a meal in Bentong Restaurant. The dishes were great!!! Thumb up for those dishes~~~we drank the champagne 香槟...Strawberry in flavour. Also sponsored by my eldest uncle 捞生 (Lou Sang)

The two dishes together are called (Ng Fuk Lam Mun) 五福临门

This is the streamed fish cook with ginger sauce. 姜溶鱼
The chicken with ham. The chicken came with special sauce made by the chef. 白切鸡
Cheesy short ribs...nice. My uncle do not like to eat cheese, but he tried this and said that it is nice...the meat is juicy and tender. 芝士排骨
Vegetables cooked with fish meat. The fish meat was wrapping oyster. The dish also contains "Fatt Choy" that after eat it everybody will be rich man and women..HOHOHO~~发菜蠔
The bamboo shoot cooked with Lam Cheong and Yun Cheong...腊肠润肠炒笋
Lastly is the fried rice that I had posted it before. My uncle ordered the same dish because he likes it so much...YUM YUM YUM~~~腊肠润肠炒饭
I heard that those dished cost RM360. I think it worth the price!

TGI Fridays The Curve

The 4th day of CNY, sis, Steven, Tze Choong and me decided to KL to visit grandma and then go for movie. For dinner we went to TGI Fridays. That was our first try. Ambience quite nice lar...the food okay okay. The portion is not as big as Chilis, this is my own opinion..

We ordered 2 sets of 3 course meals for RM39.90 each and add 2 more main courses. The 3 course meal come with appetizer, entree and also dessert. For Tze Choong, He ordered fried calamari for appetizer.It served with marinara sauce. We feel that it was not fresh enough. Texture is not that Q. For entree he ordered sizzling chicken and cheese. This is not bad...very nice...and dessert he chose chocolate malt was nothing special for the cake...=.=''

Fried Calamari
Sizzling Chicken and Cheese
Chocolate Malt Cake

For my sis Clara, she ordered Fried Mac and Cheese for appetizer, Roma Chicken Cutlet for entree and also Cookies'N'Cream for dessert. Fried Mac and Cheese was okay and my sis likes it so much. The Roma Chicken was a wrong choice. not looks like forest chicken chop...and pls do not eat those gets bitter n bitter as you bite more n more. However, this is our own opinion, different people has different taste bud isnt it? Cookie'N' Cream was nothing special but better than the chocolate malf cake if you want me to make a comparison.

Fried Mac and CheeseRoma Chicken Cutlet...those vege you better do not eat them. But you can have a try. Cookies'N' Cream
For Steven, He ordered Jack Daniel's Chicken and Shrimp for RM36.90. It was nice..I tried it and I like the sauce so much...but the portion is very small, Steven still feels hungry after his main course. I feel that the Chilis smashed potato is better than TGI Fridays.
Once again, we do not appreciate those Vege...

For me, I ordered Garlic Chicken Primavara for RM22.90. I like the garlic chicken. The pasta was okay okay nothing special.
We Shared drinks...we ordered free refill drinks that was 7-up and Ice Lemon Juice. It was a nice day ^_^ .Enjoy the day so much...and Thanks Steven for his fetching to KL. :P

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pizza Hut Maluri Branch

The second day of chinese ox year, My parents brought us to grandma's house. We meet a lot of relatives there and have fun...and sure for the ==> ANG PAU!!! Hahaha~~~We have out lunch at grandma's house...I am sorry I did not take the photos because too many people there. At night, my family with uncle's and aunty's family went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Maluri is the first branch of Pizza Hut in Malaysia, so their taste is always standard compare to other branches. We saw their promoting pizza in menu... We ordered few pizzas...salad and spaghetti...The following photos are process of taking salad...haha...there are some skills so that you can take full bowl of the salad... :p
Next is the spaghetti...I forgot the name...That is my cousin's favourite

Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown...Very yummy delicious...It contains prawns, fish, crabsticks, pineapples and golden ring of cheesy crown. The prawns is quite big...HOHOHO...Thumb up for this!!

Next are the Hawaiian Supreme, Veggie Lover and Hawaiian Chicken following the sequence....They taste normal to me, maybe I get bored of it.

The food was okay but there was hot because their air-conditioner is not functioning on that day...What an unlucky day for us because we are sweating while having those pizzas....=.='' Hopefully Pizza Hut in Maluri branch will set this problem as soon as possible :p :P