Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aussie BBQ buffet @ Crowne Plaza Hotel

Wah~~ RM85++ Aussie BBQ Buffet...heart attack coz it's so expensive!!! When I heard of RM85++ I will expect something really nice...But, it disappointed me. Not much choice in the buffet, grilled food was burnt, I am not satisfied with it. Ai, really sad for that. When I saw Saisaki buffet is opposite to the hotel, I was thinking I rather choose saisaki! The only good thing is classy environment. A lot of foreigners there and I think they are their main target there.Let's come to food. BBQ food. lamb, sirloin steak, chicken wing, and sausages anyone? fish...salmon fish also available. I also saw lobster, prawn, squid etc there. Have to say that those seafood are fresh.Choose your seafood and they will BBQ it for you. But dun be surprise what you had choose is missing on your plate after they finished BBQ for you. =.=''See? Hungry? Sauces are available and I chose black pepper and mushroom for my steak. Next.... Dim Sum, Cha Siew Pau is good.
satays (Mamak stall satays even better)...grilled corn cobs...spaghetti..chinese food...kuey teow
Teppanyaki, Oyster and deep fried food. I am not an oyster lover so I din try it.
Fruits and Salads. Salad bar is huge..variety of choices.
Desserts~~Looks nice. Taste? Average lor.
Crepes, mushroom and herbal soup, ice-cream and ice-kacang also available but I dun think that I will return for this buffet.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



地址:140 Jalan Radin Anum, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.

Tafulou said that he cannot understand chinese, so I do simple translation lar. Auntie bought "Ji Wo Pau" from KL. sorry la, that Ji Wo Pau I dunno what they call in English. This is my first time to try the pau, it is very special. The pau covered with glutinuos rice with juicy chicken filling, very delicious! My brother told me that he ate that for few times dy, It seems to be the best to stay at home because always can have nice food. I heard that the Pau cost RM4 each.

Address: 140 Jalan Radin Anum, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Friday, April 17, 2009

Western stall behind Big House Restaurant @ Bentong

I can tell you that Bentong is really a very very small town. No McD here, No Pizza Hut here, No Sushi King here...all we have here is natural, friendly people and simple life. You only need an hour to reach Bentong from KL, or maybe after Genting Highland trip you can turn right instead of left(KL) to reach Bentong.
Reviewed on the western food in Bentong and I think this is one of the best western food in Bentong. If you reach Bentong, you dunno how to go Big House restaurant, just ask anyone in town and they will tell you.
french fries RM3.00
Oriental Chicken Chop. RM9.00. Eh the chicken is tender lea...the sauce on top is good with some small chilies, excite your taste bud!
Next is black pepper the sirloin steak RM18. Cheap?? definitely no for such a small town, not everybody in Bentong willing to spend for such an expensive meal.
It comes with onion rings, sausage and salad. I ordered medium rare and it is my first time to try it. I can accept that but not Tze Choong, hahaha..He wans fully cooked.
See? medium rare, juicy and the meat is juz nice, not too hard. run well with the black pepper. The portion looks like a bit small but it is just full when you finish all side dishes

Kow Poh Ice-cream restaurant @ Bentong

Many people will pass by Bentong and have a bowl of ABC or ice-cream in Kow Poh. Kow Poh is famous of their handmade ice-cream. It is smooth and they supply their ice-cream to many KL restaurants or shops. They even get A for their cleanliness, the same grade with KFC and some franchise restaurant. In front of Kow Poh there is a corner selling nasi lemak, the nasi lemak is not bad. Have a try and then eliminate those spicy taste with a bowl of ABC at the end will be a perfect day. slurp~~~ If you ask me Kow Poh really that special? I can tell u, Yes for last time. With the advancement of ice-cream, Kow Poh turns to become an ordinary ice-cream shop and maybe it is nothing special for you, but I still like it because of the smoothness. It is situated beside Hong Leong bank opposite the Bentong bus station.
Ice-cream. Different type of Ice-cream. You may have a chance to try their durians ice-cream if you are lucky as durians are not always available.
Kow Poh ABC. RM3.00 per bowl. A bit pricey is such a small town. But I can tell you it is always my favourite when I go there.
Please try out their ice-cream. Many people dropped by Bentong because of their ice-cream, heehee. Before I leave the shop, I ordered a scoop of ice-cream and took away. Vanilla+ peanut flavour. The combination prepared by the boss of the shop for me, heehee..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teochew Chai Kueh/ Crystal Kueh @ Homemade

Gonna share the recipe of the Chai Kueh with all of you. Simple yet delicious. Mum cooked it and it was yummy delicious~ here some photos to share~~Sth wrong with my watermark, (T_T) I think there is virus spoil my programme. Ingredients...This photo abit blurBefore steam After steam~~wah~~LOoks nice right? Mom homemade sauce

Ingredients: Skin

100g tangmin flour, 100g tapioca flour, 1 tsp salt, 2 tbsp oil


1 pip garlic(minced), 40g dried shrimp(minced), 1 small yambean(shredded)


2 tbsp osyter sauce, 2 tbsp soy sauce, A little pepper, 1 tbsp sugar

For Garnishing:

2 tbsp fried shallot crisps, 1 stalk spring onion( minced), 1 red chilli(minced)

Method: 1) Heat up 2 tbsp oil. Saute garlic and dried shrimps. Add in yambean. Fry till fragrant. Add in seasoning and mix well. Dish up. Set aside. 2) Mix well skin ingredients. Pour some boiling water from a height. Stir quickly with a pair of chopsticks into a dough. 3)Take a small portion of (2), flatten it. Wrap in a portion of (1). Steam over low heat for 10 mins. Remove and garnish.

澄面粉100 克,薯粉100克,盐1茶匙,油2汤匙