Sunday, March 22, 2009

My life

My post today is not about any food. Life is so busy for me recently...Y ? Because test is coming. Every 9th week will be my continuous assessment (test). Today is the 1st day of 7th week..I have to study for it. I think I am lucky to be a dental student, because our mouth is related to FOOD. I am the one who will responsible for it for the rest of my life, lucky? unlucky? I also dunno. Just hope that I can pass all and become a dentist to make sure I am not wasting my dad's money. Going to share my life with all of you n after today post I will have my short break in blogging to prepare for my test.
My Uni...AIMST University. Many people may not know but it is the first private Uni in Malaysia that offering Dentistry course.
Anatomy Dissection Hall. This is the place where I learned all the anatomical part of human by using cadavers (corpse) in first year.
Dental Simulation Lab. Practice dental skills here...
My work station in Dental Technology lab where I learn how to make dentures here....
My first denture...still progressing...
Will be back on mid of April...SEE YA~~

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee in Tesco Alor Star

Taa dang~~~ donuts from big apple..I heard that J.Co donuts are better but I never try before. I bought half dozen for RM11.50.
Here are them.Mango Tango...nice but I personally prefer those chocolates in flavour.
This one is mocha flavour I think...
Chocoholic...I like this... Chocolate cream oozing out once you bite.
Californian Almond..My roomate likes it very much~~
I forgot what flavour is this.. =.=''
Variety of donuts for you to choose...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cafe YY Hao, Alor Star, Kedah

After breakfast, we went to Alor Star..Joen's parents treated us a super nice lunch in cafe YY Hao (68洋洋好茶餐室) The restaurant was very crowded......
Thumb up for the fish~~~~
The cripsy fried salted radish on the fish make it so nice ...a good combination !!
Pork~~ It was smooth and soft...
Fried egg....
Soup...chicken legs with peanut soup...good good~~Yum Yum...Let me think of mummy's soup
Vegetables...Good also...enough 'Wok Hei'
Every dishes was nice...So please go and have a try in that restaurant~~

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pheonix Restaurant, Jitra, Kedah.

The last day in Jitra, we had our breakfast in Pheonix restaurant. Serene ordered ‘Loh Mai Kai’ which was not good at all. The rice is hard and tasteless.
Joen ordered curry mee. This is the mee that can be ordered when you come here. The curry mee here is average.
Our bread queen, Melissa ordered ‘Pau’ which is red bean in filling. Not nice also. She likes to eat bread or pau in the morning.
Wantan Mee and Hokkien Mee. I think you can judge the taste by looking at the photos.
Lastly, the must order when you come here is Bak Kut Teh. This is the best food here for me. They added meat ball which I seldom see in Bak Kut The. The soup is so nice with the herbal smell. But I think if you come later you can taste nicer soup because the soup absorbed everything from the herbal and meat. RM6-7 per head.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ice-Kacang near Sekolah Rendah Chung Hua Jitra

After the lunch in Joen’s house, our next station is ice-kacang near Sekolah Rendah Chung Hua in Jitra. It was super delicious and super cheap. We went there around 4:30pm. It is s stall owned by Thailand people.

This is the super nice ice-kacang. Colourful? Usually the ice-kacang that we eat will be tasteless when we eat until the centre of the ice-kacang because favour is not added at the centre. But the difference in this stall is you still can feel the sweetness when you eat until the centre part. Very big portion and only cost for RM1.20.
We ordered char kuey teow and also som tam. Som Tam is a Thai dish.The main ingredient for it is unriped papaya, fried peanut, bean sprout and dried small shrimp.
Som Tam. RM3.00++. Char Kuey Teow was not that good.
Som Tam

Char Kuey Teow

My snap while waiting for the ice-kacang to be served.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Homemade dishes in Joen's house

We had lunch in Joen's house.The lunch was prepared by her servant and her mom. A memorable meal. Here are them.
Firstly, Vegetables...
Fish were fresh... we dipped it in special kind of Japanese sauce and eat together with rice. It tastes like eating japanese dish. Haha...a special combination.We are more vegetables.. LOLWah~~pork~~taste like Cha Siew... we dipped it in the japanese sauce too...I like this. slurps~Chinese Vege soup
Next, My favourite, sour vegetables with meats....
According to Joen's mom, this is cooked by her friend. Not sour enough, heehee...but still delicious.
Thanks Joen and her mum for the delicious homemade dishes.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Authentic Asian Tao Cuisine & Lounge, Autocity, Penang (buffet)

27 of feb, Serene, me, Melissa, Youming and Joen was going to have a surprise dinner for Pui Shie's birthday. She did not know that we are going to have a buffet in Authentic Asian Tao Cuisine & Lounge. We covered her eyes and she sat quietly in the car because we said we are going to bring her for a new hairstyle.

I booked that place few days before and we were giving 10% discount for being early birds. If you arrive before 6.30pm, you can get 10% discount. The buffet cost RM51.75 including tax for discounted price. It is divided into 2 sessions, 5.30pm-8pm and 8pm-10.30pm.
Ya, we arrived Tao and we were welcomed by the nice ambience.
A board writing the informations of the buffet~~ Do make booking on weekend to avoid disappointment.
This is the lounge where you can listen to band performance at nite.
representing Tao?
This is the way heading to interior of the restaurant. nice?
This is one of the photo that I took once I arrived Tao.
Nice place to have your buffet here...comfortable.
Photo taken after the meal. Let's start the buffet. They are serving in All-You-Can-Eat style which means you order the food from the menu unlimitedly and they will serve dishes according to your order. This is the salad bar which is self serving.
Next, the sushi bar. People are grabbing for sushi~~
Wasabi Sari Abalone. Although it was not real abalone, but I still like it~This is the Wakatori Mayo. Chicken cooked with Mayo, I ordered this and I like it very much.
Tempura Mariowase. Fried vege and prawn. Ermm...we do not like the tempura serving here, tasteless...cant bring out the freshness of the prawn. Temaki. 2 California handrolls and Unagi handroll if I am not mistaken? forgot...We shoudnt order this because it makes you full very fast.
Sashimi mariowase. Wah~~I like it, fresh. Worth for the buffet right? As we know, the sashimi more than RM30 with this portion at Japanese restaurant.
Salmon Teriyaki. A must order. Try it, juicy.
Salmon Papaya. Yucks~~ Bad in taste, dunno whether only on that day or what, it was not friends feel like vomiting while having that.
Motoyaki scallop. Thumb up for this~~~ spicy and cheesy~~
Miso Soup
Kushi Yaki. The seafood skewer. Not bad.
Jackpot which was ordered by the birthday girl, Puishie. She likes it so much. She do not like sashimi but she can accept this.
Grilled lamb shoulder. Try it if you come here. They grilled nicely and the meat were tender and juicy.
Sushi taken from sushi bar. I do not like they serve those sushi like this because the sushi that stay in sushi bar for long time tend to make the sushi rice hard.
Crabmeat with cheese. Yeah all of us like this because we are cheese lover. We ordered this for 2 times. Sinful cheese can be seen once you bite it.
Chawan Mushi. Steamed egg. Smooth~~ super small in portion and it is good because it will not make you full that fast. Agedashi Tofu. For me, the Tofu was not smooth enough. I tried a better one before.
Can you guess what is this? What is it looks like? It is 3 cup squid. A good appetizer.
Finally. the dessert, ice-cream~~~~Satisfied meal. So full~~we took photo before we leaved. Serene is the photographer, from the left, Joen, me, Youming, Pui Shie and Melissa.
Do visit their website for their menu and call them for reservation. One thing I want to remind you is 100gm food wastage will be charged RM10, so make sure you finish all. Haha..