Friday, February 6, 2009

Big House Restaurant Bentong

Had dinner with family in big house restaurant. Actually the food there very nice, and they had lot of chefs so the food can be served very fast.Hokkien north region the Hokkien Mee actually is the prawn mee, so dont be surprise when you order hokkien mee in north region they serve you prawn mee :P the hokkien mee is nice...enough "wok hei"The vege... leaves of sweet potato...served with 'fu yu' and chilies...
Big steamed tilapia fish...walao eh the fish very big la..nice~~YUM


aikmunnlar said...

johore hokkien mee diff frm north region n bentong~

Satisfying Tummy said...

huh? really? Then I have to try on it lar...honestly I dun like hokkien mee in north region...mayb I get used to my hometown 1's johore hokkien me?