Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big House Restaurant Bentong Morning Session

There are breakfast session in big house also. So my family just simply order something for breakfast because it was Sunday.Nasi Lemak for mum. She said it was delicious wor...very nice. RM3.50Chay Kuey Teow RM3.50. Average lor...sure cannot compare to Penang famous Chay Kuey Teow lor...Pan Mee. Usually the Pan Mee I see is the machine made. But this Pan Mee is handmade la...although the look is not that tempting, but the taste is not bad. RM 3.00
Loh Mee. My dad ordered this but he didnt give any comment. From the looking I dun think this is nice la. RM4.00/RM3.50 --> I am not sure about the price sry~~

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