Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lioz in Village Mall Sungai Petani (moved to Central Square)

I suppose to share with all of you in last year if last year I own a blog. I keep these photos for a year and yesterday I saw it so I decided to bring it up and share. Lioz in Village Mall offered set in chinese and western style daily. Their set is totally worth for the price and my friend and I try to go to Central Square to find this restaurant but we found that the menu and prices are totally changed and there is no more set in western style offering. That's why we saw no people in this restaurant in Central Square and customers prefer Master Choo.

My friend and I ordered the same set that cost RM19.90. The set including soup of the day, chicken chop with different sauces that can be chosen by you, a drink and dessert. For the drink, there will be 2 different type of drinks for you to choose everyday. The drinks are named by horoscope. So cute~~

Soup of the day

The chicken chop chosen by me following my friend's chicken chop with different sause. Looks delicious right? Spagetthi and vege is serving with the chop too.

This is the dessert, ice-cream~~~ well decorated
My horoscope drink vinegar mixed with honey if I am not mistaken. A fresh and good combination.
The following drink belongs to my friend. It came with blue mixed with green colour when it was serving...However, I am not sure how it taste like... The next is the spagetthi ordered but another friend. Portion is small... taste was nothing to shout about.

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