Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Zhong Wan Master Choo Kitchen Sungai Petani (central square)

Valentine day is coming...Su Hean, Joen, Melissa and me decided to go out to shop. We went to Central Square and had our lunch in Master Choo. A lot of dimsum serving there but we didnt order any dimsum.
Su Hean ordered francis fried rice. He said that the fried rice there is nice but he prefers Joen's order. RM5.30
This is the one ordered by Joen. Prawn fried rice with XO sauce. sweet and sour in taste and Joen asked for small chilies for few times to eat with the rice..Haha..so funny RM5.30
Melissa ordered tomyam vegetable tauhu mee for RM4.80. I asked her how it taste and she said not bad wor. She is a person that has less facial expression so I also dunno how good is the tomyam.
My order. Japanese Spicy Za Jiang Noodle for RM5.30. sweet and salty ...erm, not bad. The mee is very Q so I think they made the mee themselves.
For drinks, Melissa and me ordered cold Master Choo's "yin yong" for RM 2.80 each. Su Hean had cold Milo for RM2.80 also. I quite enjoy my yin yong. Hahaha...
Healthy drink for Joen. Longan Herbal Jelly.龙眼龟苓膏。The jelly is quite bitter but it is good for health ma, worth for the bitter taste lor. RM3.50

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