Sunday, March 1, 2009

BBQ and birthday celebration in Joen's house (Jitra)

Actually 28 of feb is Pui Shie's birthday. So, Serene, me, Joen, Puishie, Melissa and Youming went to Autocity for Tao buffet at 27 of feb and then head to Jitra, that's where Joen's house located. We had fun in Joen's house...heehee...
At night, we surprised Pui Shie with beatiful and nice cake which bought by Joen in Jitra nice purple cake right? We also had BBQ in her house....we bought those ingredients in the next morning in pasar such as chicken, sausages, fish, potatoes and some is sponsored by Joen's mummy. 2nd day night, BBQ started... Serene (red shirt) and I (pink) cant resist the temptation dy...BBQ~~BBQ~~
See what all of us are doing?? Puishie( blur shirt), what are you trying to do? calling somebody to join u for the BBQ??? =.="" where is youming?? sure u r the photographer
It is the time to grab food~~~~~
After the food, Joen prepared alcohol for us...that is bakardi+cola and also vodka+lime juice
Joen and her sis preparing....The photo below is Joen...showing her drink, cheers~~
Bakardi + colaVodka + lime juice. After drinks, time to sleep~~~ See? everyone pretending to sleep and pose stupid faces~~ Where is Melissa????? for sure she is the number 6 stupid who capturing the photo..hahaha~~~
~To be Continued~

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