Monday, March 2, 2009

Tai Hua Kedai Kopi Jitra, Kedah

The next morning, Saturday...Joen brought us to pasar at Jitra. After that, we had our breakfast in Tai Hua Kedai Kopi Jitra. See?? Loh Mee. Actually it was normal in taste but I felt nice since I long time din grab any Loh Mee like tis...YumYum...the funniest thing is we as middle part of Peninsular Malaysia people, argueing with the north people about the word' Loh Mee'. The Loh Mee in KL added vinegar into it...I chose Kuew Teow with fish ball.
There are also Hokkien Mee, and dried Mee serving in the shop. Next is Joen's bro ordered. The Mee looks so delicious huh??

Then Melissa ordered toast bread. It was delicious because the bread they use is not white plain bread. The Mochi that Serene bought from opposite market. average in taste.
Soya Drink definitely good for breakfast and Milo~~~

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