Sunday, March 1, 2009

IceIceBaby Autocity

Iceicebaby is located between Tao Cuisine and also Starbucks in Autocity. I feel thirsty after having a walk and decided to go for dessert. So my friends and I chose Iceicebaby. friends did not order anything because they are full. =.='' If I know they wont order anything I wont having the dessert myself and let them wait for me.. T_TThe ambience...
I ordered Lou Yeah from the menu. You can choose the combination you want from the menu. There are either Sea coconut, Mango and Peanut mix with a type of fruits for RM4.90. Each extra fruits added will be charged RM1.00. I chose the Sea coconut mixed with longan.
In fact, The sea coconut is in ice-cream formed. There are 'sagu' and longan served with it. It tasted sweet of course and I am a longan lover. However, I dont think my combination is that good. =.=''
Small in portion? ya...not enough lea...the red colour thingy in the middle is watermelon...

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