Thursday, March 5, 2009

Homemade dishes in Joen's house

We had lunch in Joen's house.The lunch was prepared by her servant and her mom. A memorable meal. Here are them.
Firstly, Vegetables...
Fish were fresh... we dipped it in special kind of Japanese sauce and eat together with rice. It tastes like eating japanese dish. Haha...a special combination.We are more vegetables.. LOLWah~~pork~~taste like Cha Siew... we dipped it in the japanese sauce too...I like this. slurps~Chinese Vege soup
Next, My favourite, sour vegetables with meats....
According to Joen's mom, this is cooked by her friend. Not sour enough, heehee...but still delicious.
Thanks Joen and her mum for the delicious homemade dishes.

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