Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ice-Kacang near Sekolah Rendah Chung Hua Jitra

After the lunch in Joen’s house, our next station is ice-kacang near Sekolah Rendah Chung Hua in Jitra. It was super delicious and super cheap. We went there around 4:30pm. It is s stall owned by Thailand people.

This is the super nice ice-kacang. Colourful? Usually the ice-kacang that we eat will be tasteless when we eat until the centre of the ice-kacang because favour is not added at the centre. But the difference in this stall is you still can feel the sweetness when you eat until the centre part. Very big portion and only cost for RM1.20.
We ordered char kuey teow and also som tam. Som Tam is a Thai dish.The main ingredient for it is unriped papaya, fried peanut, bean sprout and dried small shrimp.
Som Tam. RM3.00++. Char Kuey Teow was not that good.
Som Tam

Char Kuey Teow

My snap while waiting for the ice-kacang to be served.

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