Saturday, May 9, 2009

Autumn Cafe @ Sungai Petani

Went to Autumn Cafe with roomates. Autumn cafe is located just beside ah Nan frog porridge restaurant. This place is near Village mall, same row with Old Town. They are offering set lunch and set dinner range from RM13.90-20+++ . chicken chop and fish chop set is below RM20.

Ya, PS can be found here. Play cards and games so you can enjoy fully here after your meal.

All of us ordered set meal. The set including a drink, soup, main course and a scoop of Haagen daz ice-cream as dessert. Mushroom soup is not creamy enough. The photos after the soup is set D if not mistaken. Chicken chop served with french fries, salad and potatoes salad. The first photo showing black pepper sauce and second served with mushroom sauce.

The chicken chop is nothing to shout about. Normal.

Here comes the set A. fried chicken with cheese and ham as filling. Served with tartar sauce.This is the best set to order I think. It also comes with spaghetti. RM14.90 if not mistaken?

My order, set C. The fish chop is too fishy I do not like it personally. also served with tartar sauce.

Lastly, the most satisfying food -ICE-CREAM from haagen daz. You can choose the favour you want. From my view, the sets is cheap together with ice-cream, soup and drinks. But you can notice all of them are fried food and it is a bit heaty oily. Easy to feel satiety.
We also ordered extra food exclude from the set. Potato wedges. Definitely oily again. We regret to order this as those set made us to feel satiety.


Little Inbox said...

I guess I won't take any fish & chips after I went back to Malaysia. I've tasted enough fish in Perth. :) And, all of them are much more better than those in Malaysia. Anyway, not bad to have a scoop of Haagen Daze ice-cream after a meal.

Agnes Cheong said...

Haha, U r so lucky, can hav good fish n chips in Perth.

Sugar Bean said...

Seems like the food isn't that good huh? But the environment looks comfortable though, plus the Haagen Daz ice-cream, they should compensate a little for the food.

taufulou said...

lol...its very oily as can see in the fish and chips..can reuse it to do facial~

Lingzie said...

quite sad that the food quality not up to standard isnt it? cos the place looks nice and got good concept. (i like that they have games and playing cards available)
hope they will improve on the food cos it is after all a restaurant!

Big Boys Oven said...

sounds like this place need some improvement! :)

cariso said...

The dishes don't 'look' good at all, from the photots themselves it tells uh?!

Agnes Cheong said...

SugarBean : ya actually the environment considered good in SP restaurant as SP is only a small town.

Taufulou: Facial? LOL....i spare u the oil ahahah

Lingzie: 1st time see u drop comment in my blog..thanks ya.

BBO: Ya, definitely.

cariso: It is hard to find a good western restaurant in SP.

J2Kfm said...

the ice-cream seemed to be the highlight of the meal, rather than the mains. :)