Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tung Jing Dim Sum restaurant @ Taman Midah, KL

Went to TungJing dum sum restaurant with parents before back to Kedah. Mum told me that dimsum there is better than those fridged-serving dimsum ( means end products dimsum from factory) haha...they are homemade. Variety of dimsum there and it opens until 4pm noon. It is located at Taman Midah. The restaurant is opposite the McD and XiaoEn(孝恩) in Cheras.

I guess the owner is a Christian because there is a corner sharing all the christianity books.

Here are some dimsum I had with family. Xiu Mai definitely are my favourite. Most of the dimsum are average la.

Beef meatball is nice. Shud order when you are here.
Fried carrot cake very nice! So fragrant!
Wu Kok. Erm, my favourite too. But the filling here is mushroom sauce. I prefer the filling of cha siew pau fill in the Wu Kok. Will be nicer. However, the skin is so so so crispy.

Chai Kueh in Hokkien? I dunno Hokkien and I am learning. LOL A must order!!! Tomyam Mee with dumpling! The tomyam so match with the mee. I saw a couple there only have their tomyam mee as breakfast then leave. Those dumpling are smooth and meaty too! This kind of tomyam soup is my 1st try! Good Job.

Mango Pudding.
The total bill us about RM47 sth. reasonable?