Sunday, May 17, 2009

开心小食店 @ Bentong

开心小食店(Happy restaurant) is located beside MeiHiong restaurant. It is near to Khai Mun Pagi Primary School. It opens at nite and you will be surprise that they do not serve rice. You can only order Mee here.
The first dish is 星洲米, when you come here, you have to order this as it is so tasty because it fried till fragrant, enough what we call "wok hei" in cantonese. They fried this with chinese sausages, eggs, beansprouts and also meats. Simple yet delicious.
This is the 姜葱田鸡. The frog meats are so tasty and fresh. With the ginger, it eliminates those unwanted taste of the frog meats. Frog meats is easier to chew compare to chicken and it is smooth!
宫葆猪肠仔。This is the special dish here and actually I first time try those pig intestine here. It was tender and refreshing. Do not worry, you wont taste the piggy smell in this dish.


Little Inbox said...

宫葆猪肠仔 sounds interesting to me. Must ask hubby where to go to this restaurant. :)

cariso said...

Agree with Little Inbox, this dish sounds 'fresh' to me.

Big Boys Oven said...

I heard that food in Bentong is good!,:)

Raymond said...

I randomly drop by and you show me where to makan can ar? lol!!

Nice food, making me hungry oledyy..

Agnes Cheong said...

Little Inbox: It was nice lor. I like it ^_^

Cariso: Haahaa...n_n

BBO: Bentong food good? Dunno oo..I get used to it dy. Like not much differences compare to KL food.

Raymond: Haha...Me? I am newbie in food blog only wor...should ask those experienced and famous bloggers. :P

Sugar Bean said...

Looks like a good place for food. And the name sounds good too! :)