Sunday, May 24, 2009

LeBoss Restaurant @ Sungai Petani

This restaurant was reviewed by J2Km and Makan King and Queen before. It is located in Lagenda Height and is running by Malay. They sell western food and the portion is big. For Sungai Petani area, this restaurant won the heart of students as the price is affordable and big portion. Food are normal but can say better than other western restaurant in SP.
My friends and I also ordered grill chicken chop for RM14.90. You can choose your 2 side dishes in the menu. Our side dishes are potato wedges and spaghetti. we chose black pepper as our sauce. Actually there are alot of sauces for the chop just that accidentally my friend chose the same flavour with me. Very full after eating that.

Chicken chop with different side dishes. Potato salad and spaghetti.

Serene ordered this. Sandwich chicken. Not was bitter in taste because of the vegetables inside. RM7-8 I think.

Bolognase chicken spaghetti. Same as homemade one. I think I can cook this too...came with a bowl of salad. Sorry I forgot the price. But is above RM10 and below RM14.

Lastly, teh-tarik almond. Sound fresh? Ya the taste not bad also...worth a try!


Little Inbox said...

How long is the waiting time?

Agnes Cheong said...

erm...10-15 mins only. quite fast on tht day I went. The side dishes were not separated also.

taufulou said...

hrmm....i think the my sister can do better for the sandwich...~


Agnes Cheong said...

Taufulou: Huh? How many siblings u have? u so lucky lar~

J2Kfm said...

this i rmbr most for the almighty triple quail/puyuh being served, with less than 10 minutes for me to demolish.
aiyo ... chomped everything down in a flash! left one bird untouched.

My Life said...

waaaooo... nice !!! i also from sp .
this is my blog ,