Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ban Chang Kueh (Chinese Pancake) 曼煎糕

My roomate called and asked anyone of our roomates need Ban Chang Kueh as supper or not. I feel sleepy at that time when she called back and she asked me : Do you want ban chang kueh?
Me : Wat is Ban Chang Kueh?
Roomate : Er....Apom
Me: Ah Gong? dunwan la thanks. ( Sry I am really blur at tht time)
After my remaining roomates that stay in my room explained to me , I realise it is 'Jian Long Pau', that is what I call it usually. Haha... funny, now I know it is actually call ban chang kueh dy.
Ban Chang Kueh also sometimes refer as Apom Balik.

She bought peanuts and corns as filling to me, chicken floss as filling to other roomate.Chicken floss as filling. These ban chang kueh are more crispy in version. There is another thicker version but I prefer crispy one.
This is corns and peanuts as filling Ban Chang Kueh. According to my roomate, you can choose the filling u want, ham, corns, chicken floss etc.

As my roomate bought these near central square at sungai petani, when I eat it, it already became abit soggy, so cant really make an actual review on it. Anyways, thanks to my roomate as we as aimst students really desperate for outside food. LOL


Andrew said...

Haha.. honestly i have been to kuching yet.. LOL =D

wah the pancake... looks best eh?? LOL =D i still love the one my grandma makes.. best!!

adeline said...
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Agnes Cheong said...

Andrew: Haha...grandma makes? Oo...dabao.

Adeline: Deleted ur comment so tht it becomes secret. haha

Little Inbox said...

I have not try bang chen kuih in Sungai Petani. I believe Penang's better, hehehe...

adeline said...


Sugar Bean said...

Haha, fortunately you didn't resist eating them. They look so delicious, especially with fillings. I haven't tried apom with fillings before, should taste great!

Agnes Cheong said...

Little Inbox : Ya, penang one definitely better.

SugarBean: When back to Malaysia then u can try apom with filling dy..Heehee..