Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dapur Kita @ Bentong

Went to Dapur Kita, a mamak in Bentong. Variety of food there, so quite suitable for teenagers to gather with friends to chit-chat all night. Food including mee, fried rice, satay, roti canai, ikan bakar, kerang bakar, tauhu, western food, waffer, corns malay style kuey teow, Malay laksa, burger etc... A large screen there for u to watch football with friends~
I am quite full after dinner. So just ordered satay, tauhu. My companion ordered mee goreng and carrot milk in large size.
Fried Tauhu. RM2.50-RM3.00. The tauhu filled with vegetables and peanuts. a good snack.
Beef satay. nothing to shout about. The sauce is not think enough. RM0.50 each.
This is so so only...forgot the price for this.
Large milk carrot. colour looks like teh ais? O_o ''

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Nicholas said...

Wah! After wallop all the hot food cannot wait to drink the carrot milk! Drink halfway only remember to take photo! Hehe! ;-)

- YuNiq