Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kindori Ice-cream @ Berjaya Times Square

I back from Kedah to KL yesterday, stay a nite in KL only heads back to my hometown. This morning, still in depress mood so I followed my aunt to watch gimnastic competition of my cousin, Thomas. He got 3rd prize and I am proud of him. His coach is a national and young player, took part in Commanwel game. Then I also went to SAB to watch the school sports day of another cousin, Francis. I feel relax abit with that.

Reached home juz now and think of blogging...going to post something that's suppose to post long time ago ---> Kindori Ice-cream
Buy 2 free 1 for. RM8.90 per serving. You can choose a type of fruit or combination of fruits you want to make your ice-cream. Flavour including coconut, mango, pineapple, red bean, black sesame etc. Mango flavour. My choice...full of real mango flavour, nice.
Raspberry + grapes. quite sour...I still prefer my mango.
Black sesame. My brother shared this with cousin. I tried it and not bad also. You should have a try on this.


email2me said...

I've tried this ice cream too! Very healthy type of ice cream. Every scoop fill with fruity taste.

Agnes Cheong said...

email2me: ya agree with u, every scoop full of fruity taste, but a bit pricey for me..hehe said...

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