Friday, April 17, 2009

Kow Poh Ice-cream restaurant @ Bentong

Many people will pass by Bentong and have a bowl of ABC or ice-cream in Kow Poh. Kow Poh is famous of their handmade ice-cream. It is smooth and they supply their ice-cream to many KL restaurants or shops. They even get A for their cleanliness, the same grade with KFC and some franchise restaurant. In front of Kow Poh there is a corner selling nasi lemak, the nasi lemak is not bad. Have a try and then eliminate those spicy taste with a bowl of ABC at the end will be a perfect day. slurp~~~ If you ask me Kow Poh really that special? I can tell u, Yes for last time. With the advancement of ice-cream, Kow Poh turns to become an ordinary ice-cream shop and maybe it is nothing special for you, but I still like it because of the smoothness. It is situated beside Hong Leong bank opposite the Bentong bus station.
Ice-cream. Different type of Ice-cream. You may have a chance to try their durians ice-cream if you are lucky as durians are not always available.
Kow Poh ABC. RM3.00 per bowl. A bit pricey is such a small town. But I can tell you it is always my favourite when I go there.
Please try out their ice-cream. Many people dropped by Bentong because of their ice-cream, heehee. Before I leave the shop, I ordered a scoop of ice-cream and took away. Vanilla+ peanut flavour. The combination prepared by the boss of the shop for me, heehee..


fatboybakes said...

thanks for dropping by. mmm, that ice cream looks yummy!!! was it creamy or not?

Agnes Cheong said...

Fatboybakes :Ya the icecream was creamy ...heehee...

J2Kfm said...

interesting. never knew there's such an outlet in such a small town.

they could've gotten some publicity if they use other funky flavours, such as beer, rum or even vodka.