Monday, April 13, 2009

Crystal Court Restaurant @ Bentong

Went to Crystal Palace for dinner. Crystal Palace is considered to have the nicest ambience in Bentong Restaurant. Haha, dun forget Bentong is only a small town. Have a look?
Ambience consider not bad in a small town rite? Next, food~~
Firstly, the pork ribs cooked with taro. A good combination that the ribs cooked with taro, taste not bad, the only thing is taro not soft and ribs not tender enough. I like those taro because it took up the sauce of the dish.
A dish for vegetarians. The taste is okay for me.
Chicken cooked with special sauce (mak zap gai in cantonese). This is nice!! crispy and juicy.
Tilapia fish with garlic sauce. I like this very much~~run well with rice. Thumb up for this! slurps~
Vegetables. This dish a bit tasteless for me.
Lastly, fruits as dessert. Watermelon, mango and jelly.
The meal cost for RM142.50.The Crystal Palace restaurant is just beside the Crystal Hotel.


vialentino said...

nice chinese local dishes served by this restaurant....

Agnes Cheong said...

Vialentino: Heard that their dishes sometimes good sometimes bad, but I am satisfied with my dinner la.