Friday, April 17, 2009

Western stall behind Big House Restaurant @ Bentong

I can tell you that Bentong is really a very very small town. No McD here, No Pizza Hut here, No Sushi King here...all we have here is natural, friendly people and simple life. You only need an hour to reach Bentong from KL, or maybe after Genting Highland trip you can turn right instead of left(KL) to reach Bentong.
Reviewed on the western food in Bentong and I think this is one of the best western food in Bentong. If you reach Bentong, you dunno how to go Big House restaurant, just ask anyone in town and they will tell you.
french fries RM3.00
Oriental Chicken Chop. RM9.00. Eh the chicken is tender lea...the sauce on top is good with some small chilies, excite your taste bud!
Next is black pepper the sirloin steak RM18. Cheap?? definitely no for such a small town, not everybody in Bentong willing to spend for such an expensive meal.
It comes with onion rings, sausage and salad. I ordered medium rare and it is my first time to try it. I can accept that but not Tze Choong, hahaha..He wans fully cooked.
See? medium rare, juicy and the meat is juz nice, not too hard. run well with the black pepper. The portion looks like a bit small but it is just full when you finish all side dishes