Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant @ Chulan Square

Went to Rakuzen Japanese restaurent in KL, few minutes walk from Pavillion to reach Chulan Square. The buffet only available on Sunday 12-3pm so remember to make reservation to avoid disappointment. Rm55+ per pax. Green tea. Cold or hot?The menu. Choose what you wan and order.Then the food will be served
Different type of Maki. Those big size Maki make you so full. Avoid that so that you will have the stomach space to fill other food.
Sushi~~ those sashimi sushi very fresh~~ I like the food quality of Rakuzen. Although the choices in Tao more than Rakuzen, but I think the taste here is better and more fresh.
Temaki. Soft-shell crab temaki, California temaki and salmon temaki. Soft-shell crab temaki definitely won my vote!!
sashimi~~~a must order
Japanese Garlic Fried Rice...erm...nothing to shout about.
Suki-yaki...yeah yeah this is nice~~slurp~~sry the photo abit blur
soft shell crab tempura..
Baby octopus...Tze Choong tried this..I didnt. He likes it.
Mixed tempura.
We ordered extra prawn tempura...heehee..
Chicken skewer...nth special also...
Teppanyaki. teppanyaki in Rakuzen is must order here especially the beef teppanyaki!
The japanese tauhu here is definitely smoother than Tao.
Fried potatoes if I am not mistaken.
Kimchi soup. can choose whether chicken, beef or seafood. We ordered seafood but they served us chicken...=.='' we juz accept lor..we are kind people ma.
Grilled Unagi...dunno why I dun like to eat this...
Japanese steamed egg. so smooth~~
Cold Udon...QQ~~ But I like cold shoba..
Crabmeat salad...a good starter
Lastly, the superb greentea ice-cream~ my favourite...or u can choose fruits as your dessert.
Do call and make ur reservation by this number 03-21456200.


shmily said...

yum yum.....

Agnes Cheong said...

ya is hav a try with your frens after your final!

Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

Hi, it's a very great blog.
I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
Keep doing!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I last had this buffet in Jan 2008. The teppanyaki is nice, as is the unagi. Good to know the standard is still there! ;)

Agnes Cheong said...

Olive Tree : Thanks ~ will keep it on! Heehee..

Bangsar Babe : Ya I went there for few times..coz I couldnt afford Jogoya's buffet lea..

Sugar Bean said...

Rakuzen is good, we went to their Sunday buffet quite some time ago, it was quite good. Yeah, agree with you that their sashimi and sushi were fresh, and nice environment too! ^^

taufulou said...

have always wanted to try that restaurant but then heard alot of my friends said that it is so so only..and similiar to Tao..

the choices looks good maybe will try soon~

Big Boys Oven said...


Agnes Cheong said...

taufulou : haha...first time I went there I feel very good la..coz was my 1st Japanese buffet, 2nd time I go I feel that not much choice, but still not bad with those fresh sashimi and teppanyaki.

Big Boys Oven: Erm erm...My tongue dunno will same with u or not as I am not rich enough to afford those expensive expensive stuff so Rakuzen is good enuff for me haha~~but do try it !

taufulou said...

heee..not much choice ya~
then will remove that from my list..then will go tenji next month then~

J2Kfm said...

wow ... Japanese buffet is very satisfying, and seems to be THE 'in' meal nowadays eh? :)

gotta book 1st?