Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pizza Hut Maluri Branch

The second day of chinese ox year, My parents brought us to grandma's house. We meet a lot of relatives there and have fun...and sure for the ==> ANG PAU!!! Hahaha~~~We have out lunch at grandma's house...I am sorry I did not take the photos because too many people there. At night, my family with uncle's and aunty's family went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Maluri is the first branch of Pizza Hut in Malaysia, so their taste is always standard compare to other branches. We saw their promoting pizza in menu... We ordered few pizzas...salad and spaghetti...The following photos are process of taking salad...haha...there are some skills so that you can take full bowl of the salad... :p
Next is the spaghetti...I forgot the name...That is my cousin's favourite

Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown...Very yummy delicious...It contains prawns, fish, crabsticks, pineapples and golden ring of cheesy crown. The prawns is quite big...HOHOHO...Thumb up for this!!

Next are the Hawaiian Supreme, Veggie Lover and Hawaiian Chicken following the sequence....They taste normal to me, maybe I get bored of it.

The food was okay but there was hot because their air-conditioner is not functioning on that day...What an unlucky day for us because we are sweating while having those pizzas....=.='' Hopefully Pizza Hut in Maluri branch will set this problem as soon as possible :p :P

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