Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY 2009 Biscuits

Every year my house sure has a lot of biscuits, cakes and carbonated drinks~~ tht's why I get fat after CNY !! T_T . These are bottles that will fill with those biscuits.

The following picture is the 炸芽菇. Yummy yummy....cripsy...once you eat you cant stop it!Haha...fried by my mum.

Picture above showing mixed nuts

These are a type of almond biscuits...

Next is the fried wrapped chicken floss 鸡丝卷

"Muruku" made by mum also...haaha... Indian famous food

First time I try this in this year...surprisingly good ~~~ fried crabsticks

According to mum this is also a type of almond biscuits...but it is more hard to bite if compare to the previous 1...

Fried Bee Hives...we name it bee hives because it really looks like bee hives...but this is salty and not sweet. I prefer the salty if compare to the sweet in taste fried bee hives...

Kuih karpet....Carpet Biscuits

Pineapple biscuits made by my aunty...

These are the fried seaweed biscuits..I love them so much~~

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The Accessory Lady said...

Mmmm! They look delicious!