Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ichiban Boshi Pavillion

Haha...Pavillion again. I like to go there because a lot of nice food there. It is located at the ground floor near food republic. That is the only restaurant that i saw lot of people queuing up to wait for the seats. So cousins and I decided to give it a try.I ordered the teriyaki chicken set for RM26 ++. It came with teriyaki chicken, fried soft shell crabs, miso soup, rice, steamed egg and also 2 pieces of orange. I really full after having this and I cant try on their sushi after this. I regret to order a set as the portion is too large for me...hahaha...however, for those who are big eater can try on it because the chicken is juicy and there were some cheese go with the chicken. I cant finish the set and I gave my steamed egg to my cousin. =.=''
This is the my sister ordered. RM24++. I dunno what is the exact name of this set. The set came with rice, salmon sashimi, steamed egg, tempura , lotus root, miso soup, oranges. As usual, my sister cant finish it as well. I tried on her sashimi and it was so FRESH~~I must try their sushi and sashimi for the next visit.

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