Friday, January 30, 2009

TGI Fridays The Curve

The 4th day of CNY, sis, Steven, Tze Choong and me decided to KL to visit grandma and then go for movie. For dinner we went to TGI Fridays. That was our first try. Ambience quite nice lar...the food okay okay. The portion is not as big as Chilis, this is my own opinion..

We ordered 2 sets of 3 course meals for RM39.90 each and add 2 more main courses. The 3 course meal come with appetizer, entree and also dessert. For Tze Choong, He ordered fried calamari for appetizer.It served with marinara sauce. We feel that it was not fresh enough. Texture is not that Q. For entree he ordered sizzling chicken and cheese. This is not bad...very nice...and dessert he chose chocolate malt was nothing special for the cake...=.=''

Fried Calamari
Sizzling Chicken and Cheese
Chocolate Malt Cake

For my sis Clara, she ordered Fried Mac and Cheese for appetizer, Roma Chicken Cutlet for entree and also Cookies'N'Cream for dessert. Fried Mac and Cheese was okay and my sis likes it so much. The Roma Chicken was a wrong choice. not looks like forest chicken chop...and pls do not eat those gets bitter n bitter as you bite more n more. However, this is our own opinion, different people has different taste bud isnt it? Cookie'N' Cream was nothing special but better than the chocolate malf cake if you want me to make a comparison.

Fried Mac and CheeseRoma Chicken Cutlet...those vege you better do not eat them. But you can have a try. Cookies'N' Cream
For Steven, He ordered Jack Daniel's Chicken and Shrimp for RM36.90. It was nice..I tried it and I like the sauce so much...but the portion is very small, Steven still feels hungry after his main course. I feel that the Chilis smashed potato is better than TGI Fridays.
Once again, we do not appreciate those Vege...

For me, I ordered Garlic Chicken Primavara for RM22.90. I like the garlic chicken. The pasta was okay okay nothing special.
We Shared drinks...we ordered free refill drinks that was 7-up and Ice Lemon Juice. It was a nice day ^_^ .Enjoy the day so much...and Thanks Steven for his fetching to KL. :P

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