Friday, January 30, 2009

Bentong Restaurant 2

The fifth day of CNY, uncle and aunty together with cousins came to Bentong to visit relatives. So my eldest uncle who is a Bentong kia treated them a meal in Bentong Restaurant. The dishes were great!!! Thumb up for those dishes~~~we drank the champagne 香槟...Strawberry in flavour. Also sponsored by my eldest uncle 捞生 (Lou Sang)

The two dishes together are called (Ng Fuk Lam Mun) 五福临门

This is the streamed fish cook with ginger sauce. 姜溶鱼
The chicken with ham. The chicken came with special sauce made by the chef. 白切鸡
Cheesy short ribs...nice. My uncle do not like to eat cheese, but he tried this and said that it is nice...the meat is juicy and tender. 芝士排骨
Vegetables cooked with fish meat. The fish meat was wrapping oyster. The dish also contains "Fatt Choy" that after eat it everybody will be rich man and women..HOHOHO~~发菜蠔
The bamboo shoot cooked with Lam Cheong and Yun Cheong...腊肠润肠炒笋
Lastly is the fried rice that I had posted it before. My uncle ordered the same dish because he likes it so much...YUM YUM YUM~~~腊肠润肠炒饭
I heard that those dished cost RM360. I think it worth the price!

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Siew Siew said...

Hi agnes. i just plan to bring my family to Pahang for this coming Aug public holiday. Can you pls give me the Crystal Court Restaurant and Bentong Restaurant 2's contact no? Tq