Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reunion Dinner 2009 at Bentong restaurant

Yoyoyo~~~ Happy Chinese New Year everyone...yeah I back to my hometown lovely Bentong. My lecturer told me Bentong is the richest town in Malaysia..Hohooo....proud of it. I had the reunion dinner with my family at Bentong Restaurant because we still prefer this restaurant compare to others.The first dish is the " Pearl Abalone Lou Sang" "珍珠鲍捞生". The dish is nothing special. Actually I am not a big fan of it but every year this dish had to be ordered to get good luck for the coming days.

This runs good with rice. This is one of my favourite. The sauce is delicious and there are shrimp, pearl abalone, sotong, ham, mushroom etc.
We also had "fried bird". I am not sure what kind of bird is that but dad told me that is definitely not chicken. It is cripsy and nice. come my favourite. Cheese butter prawns. We bring our own prawns there because the restaurant sure charge us higher price during CNY for that. The prawns were fried and then go along with the cheesebutter was so nice until my uncle gave a thumb up for that.

This is nothing special . The fresh vegetables.

I did not try the steam fish but my dad said it was not bad.

This is the fried sticky rice with sausages that were Lap Cheong and Yun Cheong. We finished our dinner with happiness and joy and we hope the good is coming and the bad are gone for the coming days~~ The whole meal cost for RM285

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