Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Loaf Uhu! Hu! cheesecake

Hey...Do all of you know that The Loaf is owned by our ex- prime minister Dr Mahathir?? So sure I have to try on their uhuhu cheesecake. I went to Pavillion with my cousins and sister and we had Ichiban Boshi and The Loaf. The cheesecake was so yummy and they are mini in size. They are not cheap. It melts in your mouth soon after you eat. Yummy yummy delicious ~

Here are them. I bought 1 dozen and chose for different favors. I personally like those with chocolate because I am a chocolate fan...haha~~~~ 1 dozen cost RM29, half dozen cost RM 15. If you buy a dozen, you can get a beautiful pink colour box with cute picture on it. Sorry i forgot to take the photo of the box.

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